The Living Part of a Legend Special Edition, A Village of Masters

| June 7, 2016


The Living Part of a Legend Special Edition: Volume One Prologue & Complete Volume Two

Explore the Secrets of a Legendary Lost World…

In this powerful first-hand account, explorer M.G. Hawking reveals the fabled landscapes and profound knowledge of a lost world. On an extended trek deep into the remote ice peaks of Himalayan Range he chances upon a village where he encounters extraordinary individuals—introduced to him as “masters” and “adepts”—possessed of knowledge and power virtually unknown to the Western world. Hawking’s discovery marks the beginning of a series of extraordinary adventures and experiences; the evolution of relationships with the remarkable people he meets, an encounter with a phenomenal woman most aptly described as a goddess, the esoteric teachings he receives, and a captivating quest to retrieve and translate ancient arcane manuscripts.

This groundbreaking narrative takes us on a voyage through space and time, from the vast peaks of the Himalayan Range to the remote deserts of Egypt, occasionally ranging far back through the ages, for the origin of the power of the masters is ancient.

While it’s possible to read these books as a collection of adventures and mystical experiences, a deeper reading reveals them to be a fiercely felt account of a spiritual journey, an exploration of the true nature of reality, an in-depth account of the vast powers by which masters manipulate reality to produce what seem to be miracles, and far more.

Magical, enlightening, and richly entertaining, this is a book that will stay with you forever. A must read for anyone on a spiritual path or seeking greater personal power.

This volume contains an extensive background prologue from Volume One, An Encounter of the Most Profound Kind, and the complete Volume Two, A Series of Extraordinary Events of ‘The Living Part of a Legend, A Village of Masters’ book series. 2016 Edition, Kindle Edition Normalized page count 505 (estimated, actual page count may vary depending on the reading device used).

Author’s note: “I ask that the reader take this book slowly, over time. The material, owing to its nature will, if allowed, come to possess a depth that will take on a life of its own. I know that some readers, in their excitement, will dash through the material in the imperative of discovery, but this is not the best approach. Take your time with these books; allow yourself to become accustomed to the concepts and absorb them slowly. The rewards can be enormous.”

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