Homemade Herbal Medicine: Your Essential Guide to Herbs & DIY Remedies for Health & Healing

| June 7, 2016


Homemade Herbal Medicine: Your Essential Guide to Herbs & DIY Remedies for Health & Healing (Medicinal Herbs, Herbal Recipes, Medicinal Plants, Essential Oils, Natural Remedies)

Homemade Herbal Medicine

Interested in using plants and herbal healing? Learn the basics of herbalism today!

Herbs are miraculous saviors for a long list of issues you can easily handle at home: colds and flus, inflammation, even health maladies as complex as gut health and adrenal fatigue. But do herbs really work? Can they really help you feel empowered, and take control over at least some of your health?

The resounding answer you will find in this book: Yes! Depending on the culture, country, or region, there are hundreds of traditions of herbal practice that existed long before the advent of modern-day medicine. In fact, while “conventional medicine” may seem like the more dominant form of healing, the World Health Organization marks traditional and herbal medicine the most prevalent form of healing in the world.

In the pages ahead, you will find all the basics—and ultimately the TRUTH—of today’s front-line herbal remedies, supported by a combination of ancient knowledge and modern research. Learn how to harvest, store, and make herbal preparations; use a reference guide to immediately know what herbs to use for which ailments—and learn all about the author’s Top 5 Herbs most safe and useful for home medicine, plus 25 more studied and traditionally respected herbs for you to branch out for further learning! Perhaps you are a beginning herbalist just starting out on your own path to education, learning, and healing practice. Or, you are a passionate lover of herbs already, wanting to hone their techniques to the top-rated herbs of today. Either way, with this book you will have both the research and traditional knowledge right here at your fingertips—all so you can effortlessly dig into and navigate the complex world of herbalism, and all the myriad plants you can possibly master.

Why you must have this book:

• A succinct, compact, and easy-to-read guide that primes the beginner—and informs the expert

• Multiple angles on herbal healing: from traditional and modern perspectives together

• Over 50 pages that fully prepare you for becoming your own at-home, kitchen herbalist

• Outlines only the safest, easy-to-use herbs—with safety recommendations where needed

• Learn how to make your own very basic home preparations for your personal health

• Understand when and why homemade medicine is better than store-bought supplements

• Essential oils, their safety and correct use, as well as the best herbs choices for oils out there

• This book will give you the confidence to ultimately take your own health in your own hands, save money, and feel empowered in your own wellness and healing!

The benefits you’ll receive from ‘Homemade Herbal Medicine:’

• How to prepare very basic teas, infusions, salves, oils, tinctures, and herbal vinegars

• The benefits of the author’s 30 favorite herbs, all of which are the most studied and esteemed by traditional folklore, ancient practice, science, and research combined

• A wonderful guide of the Most Common Maladies, and the different ways herbs can be used to restore health for each issue

• Learn how to handle colds, flus, headaches, anxiety, arthritis pain, skin problems, minor infections, cuts, stomach ailments, fibromyalgia pain, and so much more

• The importance of what specific herbs and herbal preparations to use for certain issues—when infusions are better than essential oils, and when tinctures are better than supplements

• Knowing how to choose the very best store bought teas, essential oils, supplements, and creams for your home practice

• Learn, most of all, how plants can change your life! Equip yourself with basics, knowledge, and all the how-to’s on beginning herbalism.

Interested in learning more?

Let this book be the guide that changes the way you think and handle health at home!


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