Booger Eating Bastards

| June 10, 2016


Booger Eating Bastards: A Non Politically Correct Novella of Horror

Booger Eating Bastards is a novella extracted from the novel Marquand Tales, A Non Politically Correct Novel of horror, by Jay Whales. Booger Eating Bastards is about creatures from below the earth who come to our level in order to clean our noses.

Marquand Tales is the no holds barred, non politically correct novel of horror about growing up in a small town infected with more than its fair share of things that go bump in the night. The resident of Marquand battle witches, in bred red necks, fake police officers and aliens from other planets. They then have their morning coffee and continue the day battling monsters from below the earths surface, illegal aliens (YES they do exist), bank robbers, a zombie that showed up once, wrestlers from the woods, moonshiners, revenuers, serial killers of all sorts and sizes, and this all before lunchtime. This novella has been re-edited effective 24 Dec 15.


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