The Secret of the Golden Ring

| June 12, 2016


The Secret of the Golden Ring

Molly is celebrating more than her eighteenth birthday this year, she is celebrating a new beginning. As she prepares to leave Safe Harbor Children’s Home, she experiences mixed emotions. Sad to be leaving her adopted family, but happy to finally have the opportunity to begin searching for her biological mother – something that she always dreamed about.

Thanks by a trust fund left to her by an anonymous source, she finally has something to go on to begin her search. The only other link she has to her birth family is a golden ring she had when she was left on the orphanage steps seventeen years ago with the name Molly B. on a slip of paper tucked in her pocket.

The unique ability of being able to sense things before they happen and the heat her golden ring emits prior to danger convinces Molly she is special. Now she must take the little bit of information she has and begin her quest to find her birth mother.

The Secret of the Golden Ring follows Molly’s adventures as she adjusts to life outside the orphanage. As her abilities begin to grow stronger she is faced with the decision of how to use them for the benefit of mankind.

Will her anonymous trust be the key to finding her mother? Will she ever decipher the mystic engraving on her golden ring?

As Molly faces and overcomes the many obstacles standing in her way, she is eventually able to come to grips with the challenges she faces.


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