How To Buy A Car Or Truck: An Insider’s Guide To Saving Thousands Of Dollars

| June 5, 2013


How To Buy A Car Or Truck: An Insider's Guide To Saving Thousands Of Dollars

A thirty-year auto industry veteran brings his insider’s secrets to How To Buy A Car Or Truck: An Insider’s Guide To Saving Thousands Of Dollars. John Kelly has been a sales person, finance manager, used car manager and general sales manager, working for large and small dealerships, with luxury, domestic and foreign brands. In this book he’ll help you buy a car or truck, new or used, and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

No doubt about it, buying a car or truck can be a bad experience. But why is it so hard to buy a car? Because most people have not yet learned to use all the resources available. They are also unaware of how the car business works.

So what’s the answer? A different approach that uses information found online along with an insider’s view of the car business, which is revealed in this book. If you change the process you use to shop and make a buying decision you will know what awaits you when you go in to test drive and buy a car. Your expectations will be based on the knowledge you’ve gained. When you go into a dealership potential stress turns into excitement the way the car buying process can be.

You need to know how the car business really works and how that knowledge can work for you. The more you know about each step along the way, the better equipped you are to get what you want. But even if you don’t change the process you’ve used in the past to buy a car or truck, the information in this book will help you by just knowing what you’re up against.

This book will teach you:

How to determine what you want and what you need

How to decide how much you can afford and what payments will be

Where to find the information you need

The finer points of financing and leasing

How much to pay for a new and used vehicle

How much your trade-in is really worth

How to negotiate

The safest way to buy from an individual

And more!



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