100 Amazing Blend and Uses of Essential Oils

| June 10, 2016


100 Beautiful Essential Oil Blends And Uses + Introduction To Essential Oils: We tell you how to use essential oils if you are new to them. We then gives you 100 various blends to make and enjoy

Essence Of Arcadia have created a book that introduces you to essential oils and the different ways they can be used. The book is suitable for beginners to aromatherapy or for people who want more ideas on how to use their oils creatively.

We put together 100 of our most popular blends voted on by our customers. The blends are diverse with diffuser blends, cleaning product blends, beauty blends and general health blends. We want to educate people who are new to essential oils and show them the multiple ways they can be used on themselves and around the house.

Essential oils are truly amazing and using them correctly can improve certain ailments and personal well being. In our book, we combine essential oils with other household ingredients to make some truly original blends. Imagine cleaning your house with an essential oil spray and having that beautiful aroma lingering for days or making a soothing face gel from essential oils.

We hope you enjoy this book as much as we enjoyed writing it and welcome your feedback.


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