The Man In Red

| June 10, 2016


The Man In Red

Robert Patrick Indigo on the surface appears to be a hot-shot corporate lawyer. He embodies everything a man longs for in life. He is popular among his peers, loved by women, wealthy, and the top lawyer at his law firm. He has a demeanor that conveys he is cool, calm, and collected, EXCEPT for one TINY detail…he is a deranged, coke addicted psychopath who is a hero in his own mind.

When Robert loses a particular case against a peer with whom he has a long history with, his coke fueled narcissistic rage pushes him over the edge….

Driven by embarrassment, vengeance,and self righteous justice, Robert encounters a “voice” in his head that leads him to the discovery of a mask that forces him to take on a murderous vigilante persona nightly, all while forgetting the “adventures”……the very next day.


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