The Princess of Shambhala: Element Lords

| June 11, 2016


The Princess of  Shambhala: Element Lords

Amber is an ordinary girl, whose parents died when she was very young. She lives with her cruel guardian Marge, in a tiny town where nothing ever happens, and dreams of a life full of adventure. In a flash, her dreams are becoming true; everything is changing with the advent of Damian. He tells her that he was sent to the human world to find her and return to Shambhala – a parallel world, that is hidden in the crater of a volcano, and where everyone believed she was dead. She learns that she belongs to an ancient race of superior beings – the Tuatha. Damian is a Tuatha of fire, and Amber is a Tuatha of water. Once she reaches her eighteenth birthday, Amber feels the awakening of enormous powers that she knew nothing about, and now she needs to learn to manage them.

The parallel world where Tuatha lives is organized in a complex way. The laws of Shambhala say that: fire and water – are incompatible elements, but our heroes can not accept this verdict. Evil creatures – the rulers of the underworld that killed Amber’s parents, begin to hunt them willing to steal their elemental powers and gain immortality and unlimited power!

Ancient legends of eternal life, terrible curses that cause the freezing of blood, death chases them, nipping at their heels, and love that can conquer all – it’s about a world where Amber and Damian are doomed to fight simply for staying together. Will they be able to change the ancient laws, or will these laws destroy them? Ratings for the novel, “The Princess of Shambhala” – are incredibly high.


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