The Adventures of Professor 007 and Kate Burn: Anunnaki

| June 11, 2016


The Adventures of Professor 007 and Kate Burn: Anunnaki

Professor of Archaeology Tom Bradford, was a witness of a brutal murder, and miraculously remained alive in a heat of the moment. Shortly thereafter, he was kidnapped by mysterious creatures, and again came face to face with the danger of death. At that time, to his survival came private investigator Kate Burn, who was accidentally in the same place in search for her little brother, abducted many years ago apparently by the same creatures, and she bravely took Tom out of danger. Together, they fell into the vortex of mystical events, strangely related to the recent findings of professor Bradford, which supposedly opened the truth about the origin of human civilization and how ancient Gods descended from heaven, which ancient people called – Anunaki. Did he really found the answer to the greatest mystery of all time? Risking their lives, they began their own investigation overcoming all the obstacles on their way and the facts that they would collide with, were staggering….


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