The Vultures

| July 4, 2013


The Vultures

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The Vultures
Bart Hooker told himself his luck had to change. He meant for the better. It got a lot worse when he blundered into Knox Farraday and his gang of cutthroats and robbers. They were human vultures who didn’t wait for others to kill their victims. But it was said that real vultures followed them around, knowing there would soon be more dead men for them to feed on.

But much to their surprise, Bart was made of much tougher stuff than what could be seen on the outside. When Farraday’s gang tried to kill him the first time, he figured since his death was only moments away, he would make Knox remember him forever, by jumping off a cliff and taking his executioner, Knox’s son, with him. If Bart survived the fall, he knew they would be hunting him down until they found him, and left him to the vultures.

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