The Sons of Animus Letum

| June 22, 2016


The Sons of Animus Letum

Death becomes a door in this epic fantasy. Not to Heaven or Hell, but to an afterlife that is far from what we have been told…

Prepare yourself for Animus Letum – an afterlife of war and glory.

After ruling the afterlife for ages, Serich, the great warrior king is slain. With Serich killed, his two sons become pivotal pieces in the war to reclaim the afterlife. Is the new King, Forneus, too powerful, or can a monastery of warrior monks help the sons of Animus Letum take back their birthright? Above all, The Sons of Animus Letum is a story about brothers and the incredible lengths that one would go to save the other.

A must-read for all fans of Fantasy


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