The Divide

| June 26, 2016


The Divide

Several decades after the polar ice caps have melted and reshaped the continents of the world, the UK has become a nation where the ethos is about survival, good health and longevity. When the US President is invited to the nation which has been closed to the outside world for over sixty years he discovers a land that has been severed by a wide shipping channel known as ‘The Divide’. Landing on Platform Barracuda, a huge residential living platform lying off the coast of The Promised Land, he is introduced to a race of people who have learnt to live the simple life. They harvest energy from the sun and wind, and eat organic natural foods that have increased their longevity. After a guided tour around the five levels of Platform Barracuda the president embarks a military Skyrunner with several Special Forces Soldiers and takes a flight over ‘Helland’, the land that lies to the east of ‘The Divide’. Here he discovers a different world, a place where the former capital city London lies semi-submerged and the former roadways transformed into canals weaving between the concrete jungle. Unable to land in ‘Helland’ due to an ongoing war with the people from ‘The Promised Land’ the president witnesses a land devastated by wealth, greed and materialistic living. A place where ignorance to healthy food has created an obese nation fighting for survival in an overpopulated land that ignored the perils of immigration several decades before.

The Divide should be read with an open mind. It paints a picture of a realistic future for us all.

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