Take the Body and Give me the Rest

| June 23, 2016


Take The Body...: Dark Ages - Fantasy (Dark Gods & Tainted Souls Book 1)

Seth stood and watched the nightmare creature as it tore its past master into bloody shreds and tried not to let the gripping fear show on his face. He could feel the man’s life force, his memories, his talents and hard won skills filling his own mind and body, turning him into something much more than the lowly soldier he’d been just mere moments before.

Julius Schenk, a writer who combines Epic Fantasy, Dark Magic and Grimdark, presents the first book of his Dead Gods & Tainted Souls Series. Fantasy fiction where Joe Abercrombie like action meets the horror and deamon like creatures of HP Lovecraft. It’s sword and sorcery done dark, fantasy books for adults and for the new adult and college market. People who want believable, yet epic and awesome, characters and fantasy fiction.

“Unique is the word for this book. Great and imaginative read I was immediately sucked into the world the book didn’t sugarcoat nor prolong the action and plot with self reflections and morality of the hero. We have a Young man who got himself into a sticky situation and was sold into bondage in a world where slavery was around the corner in every major city, Seth is a hero I would really behind he didn’t suffer from stupidity I see some authors painting their heroes, he wasn’t sick with grief of the defeated or taken he knew it was either him or them he didn’t ask for this but he was going to finish it and he surely did.” – Amazon Customer

“This seemed a throwback to some of the fantasy fiction of the 50s and 60s. The hero begins as neither wise nor omnipotent and grows by assimilating the knowledge and skills of the people his symbiotic daemon kills. Through his adventures and symbiosis, he does terrible things but mostly to terrible people and is aware of the moral compromises he’s making. For a fun fantasy book from a new author, I was quite impressed. I’m not sure, but there might be a sequel coming, But it’s going to be damned hard to get the hero out of the bind he put himself in.” – Amazon Customer


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