Abigail – Spy or Die

| June 23, 2016



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Espionage affair is complicated to something special and romantic. A professional killer, infiltrated from Iran to eliminate Abigail, and accidentally kills her secretary. Abigail tries to run away, but the Mossad agents take advantage of this opportunity and send her to face her killer’s senders. They change her identity, put up a gravestone on an empty grave, bearing her name and a new name was given to her – Lucy.

Her story is turning into an unbelievable love story, but the relations mess because it embodies the dangerous encounter between cultures and turns to be A crazy love story with an exciting plot.

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Review by Vincent :

I liked this story. It was a great, thrilling espionage novel. Abigail comes across as a heroic woman, who infiltrates the enemy lines and puts her life down the line to do what is right. Bravery and determination are clearly an inspirational theme in this book. “Abigail” is a book to dive into for several hours. In fact, the cataloging of “Abigail” as an espionage and suspense book, cause it some injustice, since the plot is sophisticated and so overwhelming that you will not want to stop reading it, even if you are not an avid fan of this kind of genre. From the beginning, with the first words: “The assassin aimed the gun and pulled the trigger…” you will find yourself dive into some adventures and suspense and I highly recommend it!

This is an Great story that keeps you wondering what will happening to the characters.


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