The Preacher’s Past

| June 23, 2016


BWWM: The Preacher's Past (A Christian African American Romance) (Multicultural and Interracial Romance, Book 1)

The Preacher’s Past

John used to run the streets with gang’s. His mother used to cry for him at night while he partied with beautiful women in the mayor’s mansion. It wasn’t a strange thing for John to be carrying thousands of dollars’ worth of drug. To put it simply; John was one of the best drug dealers Atlanta had ever seen. He went to bed with sin every night and didn’t even think twice about.

That is, until he met Tia. Tia was the preacher’s daughter and all around good girl. John knew that if he wanted to be with her he would have to change his ways, and so he did. He went from dealer and sinner to family man and pastor. He was finally happy.

When adversity comes through his front door will he meet it with faith or turn back to his old ways? Will he finally have to tell his wife and congregation about his past?

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