The Illumination – A Story of the Magic of Life and The Light

| June 15, 2016


The Illumination - A Story of the Magic of Life and The Light

A Captivating Story of the Magic of Life and The Light…

In a richly mystical short story, while deep in the majestic wilderness of the Himalayan mountains the author encounters something very unexpected . . . answers to his innermost questions.

“Always I have loved the vastness and beauty of nature, sensed some deep mystery here, some great and incomprehensibly profound meaning, as do many. One explores the great mountains, standing eternal like monumental impenetrable puzzles, inviting wonder and question. What is this vastness, what does it mean?—and the beauty, what is the cause of it? What makes it? What is this enormous energy of the world, the power, the life, the light?

“From year to year one senses the mystery and attempts to read the riddle, to answer the question. For so long I traveled the wilderness, thinking how incomprehensible everything was; often dangerous, sometimes sad, sometimes joyful, yet always beautiful. I lived and walked the mountains and traveled through forests, searching—and certain things looked so enchanting, so mysterious. Tongues of flame writhing against a black night; the eye of a cat; an eagle wheeling through the blue; a crystal lake set in emerald forest; a great white peak sailing on the sky; millions of stars scattered upon the night sky like so many cities of the gods. So often I gazed in wonder and awe, and once in a while a strange feeling would come over me, as though something never seen yet long anticipated was about to happen, that a veil was about to lift, that at last I would see into the mystery. But then . . . then the moment would pass and nothing would happen, the dream continued, the riddle still unsolved, the secret unrevealed, the spell unbroken.” —M.G. Hawking

While in the great mountains of the Himalaya, the author meets with an experience that illuminates those mysteries, the secrets of life and the light.

Magical, inspirational and richly entertaining, this story of an enlightenment experience will touch you and leave you with a profound message.

2016 Edition Short Story. Kindle page count 145 (estimated, varies depending on the reading device used), Includes a Bonus Section with excerpts from Wisdom Masters Press books, including The Living Part of a Legend, A Village of Masters book series.

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