Black Lives Matter: How to Effect Change and Make Your Voice Heard

| June 16, 2016


Black Lives Matter: How to Effect Change and Make Your Voice Heard

If you’re ready to learn how to get your message across – and actually be HEARD – in a peaceful and nonviolent way, then this book is for you!

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Peaceful or nonviolent resistance, one of the most powerful political tools used as a catalyst for change, is the only real solution to the problem of growing frustration in the African-American community in light of perceived increasing levels of police brutality. African-American citizens, as a collective, feel unjustly victimized, which naturally stirs up frustrations and makes it understandable that in many communities, among African-Americans, there now exists a certain degree of paranoia. This justified frustration and paranoia, which is only intensified by the continued militarization of the police force, must come to an end, and positive change must be actively sought after. This book makes a strong case for channeling negative emotions that could otherwise build up to a destructive outburst into more positive and concrete steps to demand that a collective voice be heard in order to effect a truly lasting change and leave an enduring legacy, all without resorting to destructive or violent countermeasures. Throughout this book, the author highlights numerous active, positive, nonviolent measures that can empower those who wish to make a real and lasting difference. Together we must build up our neighborhoods, prevent physical destruction of our communities, and get the message across that Black Lives Matter!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Why Destructive Rioting Never Works
  • Defining a Peaceful Protest
  • How to Play an Active Role in Politics
  • Taking Responsibility for Your Neighborhood
  • Avoiding Legal Complications
  • Bringing About Change with Everyday Steps
  • Much, much more!

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