Who Has a Death Ray!?!!

| June 19, 2016


Who Has a Death Ray!?!!

Walter is a comedy writer. He has a big crush on Rhapsody, who is a rising star on the internet. An explosive bout of diarrhea results in an out-of-body experience… an out-of-body experience where Walter meets Mark Twain.

Thanks to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by Rhapsody, her co-worker returns to the world of the living.

Does CPR count as a first kiss?

Walter thinks it does.

He also thinks that plans for a death ray may be out there, somewhere. That’s the take-home message from ‘the other side’. When Rhapsody sees Mark Twain… along with his electrical genius friend, Nikola Tesla… for herself, she begins to believe that Walter’s episode of diarrhea may have inadvertently saved the world.

Author’s note: The first two pages contain bathroom humor. Don’t worry… it’ll pass 🙂 (see what I did, there?)


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