Predator (The Space Time Saga Book 1)

| June 21, 2016


Predator (The Space Time Saga Book 1)

From the author of Present in Love and A Blank Page, comes a dystopian story on mankind’s last effort to save the existance of their race.

A short space drama filled with breath-taking action that will take you beyond the boundaries of human knowledge and imagination.

Hundreds of years into the future lies an Earth, broken and devastated by the Forth World War. Silvestre Faulkner is a professional soldier in United Force’s army and a space pilot who never went beyond the demo classes. His sister Marlene is a genius astrophysicist but with hardly any knowledge in weapons and artillery. But when they are called for Earth’s last space mission, their actions will decide the fate of human civilization.

Embark with them on a journey past stars and galaxies to seek life on a newly discovered world Genesis. With the help of Earth’s most advanced machinery and weapon system, will they succeed in building a new Earth on Genesis?

>>> “Time is a very strange thing,” his father used to say.

Will Silvestre break through the bonds of space and time? Or will the entire race fall with him? And what darkness awaits the people on Earth?

>>> “Human beings are born predators” says the most vicious soldier of Earth, Corrie McClenaghan.

A dark force lurking in the faraway land will haunt the mission. Can Corrie lead the members of the two spaceships Hope and Endeavor and save the human race? Or will their destiny prove that Every Predator is a Prey?

To find out all the answers, grab your copy of the first installment in The Space Time Saga Today.


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