Pirates: True and Untold Stories That Will Shiver Your Timbers

| June 21, 2016


Pirates: True and Untold Stories That Will Shiver Your Timbers - 2nd Edition

Your Thrilling Guide to Legendary Pirate Stories! now in 2ND EDITION

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Find out what it takes to Shiver your Timbers

In Pirates: True and Untold Stories that will Shiver your Timbers, you’ll learn about six of the most famous pirates of all time. From dangerous and cruel me, to those who were only in it for the bounty, you will discover what motivated them, how they moved forward and why they chose to pirate in the first place. All of these pirates have stories, some which have been lost in time and untold until this very moment. In the chapters, you will also discover: –

• How they used to capture other vessels

• The reasons they were given dangerous nicknames

• What plunder they managed to accumulate

• The heinous acts that are remembered to this day

• The mentors and their charges

• The secrets that they held on to

Pirates continue to be fascinating and shrouded in mystery. They ruled the seas for centuries, and did it in such a way that till today, they continue to be legendary. In this book, you will learn about what motivated them to carry out terrible acts, and how they put together large bounties You will also learn why so many of the pirates met a tragic end

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By the time you complete the book, you will be able to say some common pirate phrases and talk like a pirate This will put you in their mind frame, and make you feel as though you have been a part of their world. Enjoy your unique pirate experience}

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