Deadline (Spaceforce)

| June 6, 2013


Deadline (Spaceforce)

SPACEFORCE: Adventures in Crime and Space

A galaxy on the edge of war. Three empires in an uneasy peace. Four agents on a collision course.

In Earth’s far future, the fight against crime continues – and Spaceforce is on the front line.

Andri Ferris has lost everything. Career, home, Earth residence permit. He should be on Blackrock penal planet, a convicted cybercriminal – instead, Spaceforce has offered him a job. And Captain Jez, the very officer who arrested him, wants him as her partner.

Jay is a spy at the top of his game. In a society ruled by birth, etiquette and custom, where misfits face death, Jay’s talent for lies and seduction has made him the Taysan Empire’s best field agent. But even he can go too far – and his latest mission comes with a temptation too dangerous to resist.

When the son of the Taysan Empress herself goes missing on an Earther colony planet, Spaceforce’s most reluctant recruit and his enigmatic partner cross paths with the Empire’s most flamboyant spy.

A training mission turns into a race against time, as Andri and Jez uncover a secret the Taysan Empire would do anything to hide. At stake – the Prince, the Peace, and Andri’s last chance.

DEADLINE is the second episode in the SPACEFORCE series – adventure, crime, mystery and romance across three Galactic Empires.


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