Easy Knitting Patterns: Kid’s Clothing and Other Accessories. Reviews

| June 6, 2013


Easy Knitting Patterns: Kid's Clothing and Other Accessories.

This book will offer you a treasure, a self-help tool that you can benefit from and pass on to your loved ones. When it may seem very hard to knit, I will show you how you can, by few simple steps, create beautiful accessories, sweaters, scarves, hats and more. Once you have finished all the projects given by this book you will be able to start creating your own patterns and make your own designs. Therefore, this book is considered not only as a knitting pattern book but as a guide that every beginner should have.


Chapter one: Getting Started

I-Tools and Equipment
II-Knitting and Crochet Abbreviations Dictionary
III-Knitting Needles sizes and conversions
IV-Basic Techniques
V-Simple Knitting Stitch Patterns

Chapter Two: Sweaters

I-Frosty Striped Sweater
II- Eve’s Autumn Sweater
III- White Angle Sweater
IV- Burgundy Eye Laces and Cable Stripes
V- Blooming Stripes Sweater
VI- Christmas Teddy Bear Sweater

Chapter Three: Vests and Cardigans

I-Snow Vest
II-Basket Weave Ivory Cardigan
III-Grey Dress Coat
IV-Trendy Pink Bolero

Chapter Four: Dresses and Hats

I-Lilac Satin Fur Dress
II-Baby’s Ruffle Dress
III-Women Cabled Hat

Chapter Five: Barbie Doll Clothes and Kitchen Accessories

I-Barbie’s Flower Dress
II-Delicious Plate Mat and Napkin Ring
III-Lemon Oven Cloth



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