How To Become Wiccan in 13 Easy Steps

| June 27, 2016


How To Become Wiccan in 13 Easy Steps: WICCA FOR BEGINNERS

In this guide, you will learn some basic principles on how to become a participant of Wicca religion. Wicca is based on old pagan religions that existed in Ireland Scotland and Wales, but it also includes numerous other ancient religions and deities like ancient Roman, Egypt, and Greek. There are thousands different Wicca groups that exist today and everyone is different in some way from other. The other thing about Wicca and Wiccans is use of Magick and spells, here you will learn how to successfully perform Magick rituals and cast spells.

The steps you will follow in this guide are:

1. Follow Wiccan Rede and Threefold Law

2. Chose your Deity

3. Celebrate Wiccan Holydays

4. Learn about Magick

5. Learn about five elements

6. Learn about symbols

7. Casting a circle

8. Make Wicca altar

9. Magickal tools

10. Make your own Book of Shadows

11. Make your first ritual or cast a first spell

12. Make self dedication ritual

13. Meet other Wiccans?

This 13 steps will teach you about Goddess and God, Wiccan Rede, use of Magic, connection with nature and much more.


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