Welcome to Town

| June 27, 2016


Welcome to Town (The Town Chronicles - Book 1)

What is Town?

Imagine Mayberry moved to the Twilight Zone by Stephen King.

Will Walker is a drifter who finds himself stuck. He’s trapped in Town, an impossible place ripped from 1920s small-town America and dropped into a nightmare. Monstrous beasts attack Town’s citizens, while the people fight for survival and to maintain the semblance of normalcy they’ve struggled to create.

As Will grapples with his world turned upside down, he must figure out where he fits in or find a way out of Town. Soon he’s thrust into the unlikely role of hero, with the lives of new friends hanging in the balance. But between the secrets and the power struggles, Will begins to wonder which horrors are worse: the monsters outside of Town, or the darker forces at work within.


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