Prime Suspect: Lives are at stake

| June 28, 2016


Prime Suspect: (Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Fiction, Short Story): Lives Are At Stake. (Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Short story, Crime story, Detective)

Grab this hot, new mystery-thriller, PRIME SUSPECT by Gary James. We hope you enjoy!

One fine evening turns upside down, when Kate, who is working at a diner, witnesses the cold blooded murder of a customer, an old guy. The customer was a stranger to her, but the old guy knew her well and was trying to tell her something about a very important and secret document. But it’s too late. Now she has to figure it all out. She can’t trust anyone… not even the cops. And many more lives are at stake… including her own. She teams up with Ben, her ex -boyfriend and Tina, her colleague. They are stunned and horrified when they unearth the mystery behind all the mayhem.They have to act fast before it’s too late… and prevent the bad guys from possessing the secret documents.

Download this book today and find out what happens…


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