Juicy Jersey

| July 22, 2018


Grab the latest funny fiction in the Mina Kitchen Cozy Mystery series!

More cozy comedy! More murders!


Summertime, and the living is umm–not as easy as Mina had hoped. But, she finally has a full-time job, working alongside her new boyfriend, Jack (that is, Chef Jacque, when they’re at Squirrel Run Acres.) That’s good, right? Except that poor Mina and Jack have been working together a lot lately–specifically fourteen hour shifts in a sizzling kitchen–for months.

When tempers flare hotter than fat on a fire, Jack steps up and splurges for a romantic get-away to Cape May Point, New Jersey. All is forgiven and soon Sunset Beach winks from the distance, until Mina’s stuck with dog sitting duties for Jim, her buddy Bauser’s three-legged dog. Complicating the canine conundrum is Bauser’s last minute plea to deliver Jim to a client location, in Bumville, New Jersey. No biggie, except that Bumville lies in the polar opposite direction from Cape May. And Vito and Miriam also happen to be visiting the client–who is none other than Vito’s niece, Helena Pryzchntchynzski. Oy.

Further jeopardizing their journey through Jersey is Jim’s discovery of Babette Bernstein. Her murder launches a connect-the-dots of corpses that ripples dangerously around Mina and Jack. Oh–and the kidnappings, plural–are a little scary, too.

Will Mina and Jack escape the bad guys? Will they survive their first vacation together? More importantly, will they finally have one?

If you’re in the mood for funny fiction, a cast of chatty pets, and unsolved murders–read on. Juicy Jersey packs a roller coaster ride of murders, mayhem and mojitos. Come root for Mina, boo the bad guys and nibble a nosh, courtesy of the author’s recipes in the back of the book, vetted by Lund’s real-life favorite chef, her husband, Chef Andrew.

??? READERS’ FAVORITE 5-STARS for PERFECTLY PICKLED: If You Love Stephanie Plum, Wait Until You Meet Mina Kitchen!!!

“This is my first book by Lizz Lund and let me tell you, it won’t be my last! Filled with quirky characters, hysterical dialogue and a main character who always seems to be surrounded by hijinks, Perfectly Pickled is one of the best cozy mysteries I have read since Janet Evonovich’s Stephanie Plum series.”


“I have fallen in love with this series! Just can’t get enough of Mina and friends, especially Vinnie. I want a Vinnie of my very own! I’ll be recommending this author to all of my friends and family to brighten their days and pee their pants, in that order…”


“I’ve been a fan of Janet Evanovich for years, and found Lizz Lund right up there with Janet. They have similar styles, and a comic flair. I loved the characters…I love a good mystery, and at the same time a good laugh (often laughing out loud while I’m reading) from the story, and this book definitely filled the bill.”

??? AMAZON “VINE VOICE” 5-STAR REVIEW for KITCHEN ADDICTION: OMG! Can you say LOL too much?! Loved it!

“OMG! Couldn’t stop laughing! Of course, having been to Lancaster frequently and having friends there, I felt right at home, but this was a much more eclectic collection of characters! Made me want to be in their circle, a part of their lives for some time to come. Will be checking immediately for more from this author.”

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