Cameron of the Skies

| July 9, 2016


Cameron of the Skies (The Cameron Series Book 2)

An exhilarating romantic action thriller. It will make you clamour for more.


After Return to Cameron Country, Angelin Sydney is back with the remarkable story of a couple whose lives converged in a dangerous, humorous, and intoxicating ways.


Captain Banjo Mabo Cameron is an ace Australian Black Hawk helicopter pilot, married to the Royal Australian Air Force. Andrea ‘Andy’ Cosgrove is a Second Warrant Officer, married to the U.S. Air Force.

Fate brings them together through a joint training program in the rich tapestry of the Mojave Desert, but everything seems to conspire against them. They are conflicted by their sworn duty to serve that runs deeper and bigger than themselves.

Adding to the complications is Henry Moran, Andy’s spurned lover, turned sadistic serial killer who will stop at nothing to possess her. Only the good Captain stand in the way of his schemes. Highly intelligent and deranged, Henry would eventually succeed in getting both of them captive. Will they survive their ordeal?

In the process of falling in love, Andy also discovers the truth about her father and learns of a love story so divine and beautiful: that of her own parents.

This love story within a love story reminds us that our lives can become intricately intertwined with others even in the most difficult of circumstances. And, that it can result in an extraordinary outcome in spite of challenges and death.

A must­ read follow ­up to Return to Cameron Country.

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