Natural Alternatives To Sugar: How Sugar Can Devastate Your Health and What Natural Sweeteners You Can Use Instead

| July 27, 2016


Natural Alternatives To Sugar: How Sugar Can Devastate Your Health and What Natural Sweeteners You Can Use Instead

From cupcakes to chocolate bars, from the great British Bake-Off to Sunday afternoon crumpets and cake, we’ve been raised on the sweet stuff. Sadly, as much as we love sugar, our bodies don’t. The overload of sugar in our diet is putting our health and even our lives at risk.

Marilyn Glenville has been warning about the risks of sugar since she published her first book back in 1997. Sugar, she warns, is largely to blame for the obesity and Type 2 diabetes crises we have, both in the UK and around the world. In addition, sugar is a contributing factor in cancer, Alzheimer’s and dementia, and heart disease. It is strongly linked with our rising levels of stress and also premature ageing.

This clear, straight-talking book from one of the UK’s leading nutritional experts sets the record straight. Backed by scientific references, it answers questions such as:

• What do we mean by ‘sugar’?

• What effects does sugar have on our health?

• Is sugar really to blame for the increase in heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity?

• Are any forms of sugar safe to eat?

• Are there any good sugar substitutes?

• If we do cut out or reduce sugar, with what do we replace it?

• Can supplements help curb cravings?

• A simple 4-week sugar detox plan

If we want to live healthy, happy, long lives, it is absolutely essential that we get to grips with our sugar habit. The vast majority of us are addicted to sugar – there is evidence to show that our bodies react to it much as they do to crack cocaine. The more sugar we have, the more our bodies crave as they become sensitized. Sadly, food manufacturers, the media and even the health service have helped to ladle more and more sugar into our diet.

Even moderate sugar intake on a regular basis can create or exacerbate a huge number of conditions. Quite apart from heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s, sugar is implicated in fungal infections, mood swings, mucous production, low energy and libido, brain fog and memory problems, inflammation and general lowered immunity.

It’s time to ditch the sugar and save our bodies; time to beat sugar cravings and learn how to eat real food, rather than empty, harmful calories. Without sugar in your diet, you will feel better, brighter, clearer in mind and body. You will protect yourself from a large number of serious health conditions and many old aches, pains and niggling health concerns may disappear as if by magic. Once your blood sugar levels stabilize, you will have more energy and you will undoubtedly sleep better. You will also notice a huge array of cosmetic effects – losing sugar will gain you a slimmer body and a clearer, brighter complexion.

Natural Alternatives to Sugar is your essential guide to living sugar-free or sugar-less. It offers a 4-week sugar detox plan and also a gentler plan for easing sugar out of your life. Sugar-free recipes show that you can have your (sugar-free) cake and eat it too, while a Resources section gives information on where to go for further support on your sugar-free journey.


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