Sebastian Needs A Real Job

| July 17, 2016


Sebastian Needs A Real Job

You know how everybody hates Millennials?

Meet Sebastian. He’s 32 years old, waits tables at Kangaroo Burgers, sleeps under his dad’s table to repay his college loans, and doesn’t understand how his mom drowned in a bubble bath. But the good life is just around the corner: he’s got a master’s degree and this thing with Shelly is really going somewhere.

That is until he lost the lousy job he did have, and Shelly gave him 30 days to get a real one. In a world split between the have-jobs and the have-nots, of grumpy dads who supported a family with only a high school diploma, global corporations that pay crap, guru-bosses still in high school, he won’t stop riding through this quirky novel on his worn-out bike until he’s made it.


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