Absolutely Hilarious Adult Golf Joke Book

| July 9, 2016


Absolutely Hilarious Adult Golf Joke Book: A Treasury of the Best Golf Jokes Causing Loud Guffaws and Laughing Convulsions.    Hilarious Golf Jokes For The Clubhouse Bar!

Is the client you’re playing with having a bad golf day? A good joke will turn him around. Amazing compilation of the funniest adult golf jokes ever heard! Hilarious Golf jokes for the clubhouse bar, delays on the golf course, tee backups. There are also entertaining golf quotations from well known people throughout the book. Over 200 pages of spectacularly howling jokes producing guffaws and convulsions of laughter! This is the first adult golf joke book of its kind. Don’t accept imitations. Presented by www.Golfwell.net and authored by the Team at Golfwell.net. Non-stop laughter! Keep it in your bag and pull it out for the clubhouse bar. Puts everyone in a great mood. Adults Only!


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