| July 10, 2016


Lettering: Traditional Lettering & Calligraphy with Chinese and Arabic Script- Learn to Ink & Border like a Pro

Create Beautiful Scripts, Letters, and Calligraphy Art!

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Are you fascinated by the art of writing with pen and ink? Do you love to illuminate letters and decorate your pages? Would you like to know the secrets of the Chinese and Arabic scribes?

When you download Lettering: Traditional Lettering & Calligraphy with Chinese and Arabic Script-Learn to Ink & Border like a Pro, you’ll discover a wide world of creative expression through letters and scripts. This book describes everything you will need to get started, including nibs, parallel pens, and even glass calligraphy pens. You’ll learn how to use your new tools to create beautiful, traditional lettering and scripts!

Download Lettering now and start drawing letters and scripts like a pro!

This book helps you understand a vast array of techniques and traditions

  • Letters with Built-In Swirls
  • Black and White Inked Letters
  • Beautiful Borders
  • Chinese Calligraphy and Writing Scripts
  • The 8 Basic Strokes of Chinese Calligraphy
  • Ancient, Classical, and Modern Arabic Calligraphy Styles
  • Western Calligraphy Techniques
  • Unical and Artificial Unical Script
  • There’s even a special section on Calligraphy Angles and Positions for Left-Handed People!

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