The Book of Noah – 3:21

| July 11, 2016


The Book of Noah: 3:21

“What an inspirational story of a family with so many strikes against them.”

“This book made me laugh through their crazy life issues and cry through their serious life struggles.”

“(This was) was a difficult read at times. When you become emotionally invested in people and their struggles their pain can feel like your pain and their triumphs can feel like your triumphs. The author of this book has created a memoir that is both touching and brutally honest about parenting a special needs child.”

I have written everything from kid’s stories about undercover chickens, a gay billionaire and the issues with his dad, an action piece where a child carried the cure for one of the world’s deadliest diseases in his blood, and a humor book about the things that irritate me.

But this book is the most important one I’ve ever written. It’s called “The Book of Noah – 3:21.”

The book is about my son, who has a dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism. I wrote it because folks like my wife and me who have kids like Noah needed a book that doesn’t sugarcoat the bad things, but also uplifts the good. It was written with a lot of humor, but very raw and open so that people both inside and out of the situation can see that family can survive anything…and even learn a few things from their experiences…and their children.

Flipping back and forth between crucial events in his life, the reader sees Noah in the raw, getting to know him as he makes his way through his life with many a smile, as well as frustrations that he nor his family can’t quite figure out (yet) how to solve.

25% of the book’s net profit will go to support Down Syndrome and Autism organizations throughout the United States.

I hope you give the book a shot. I am confident that you find this an enjoyable, (and sometime uncomfortable, but ultimately eye-opening read.


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