Midlife Crisis: Keep it Together After Being Laid Off in Midlife

| July 11, 2016


Midlife Crisis: Keep it Together After Being Laid Off in Midlife (midlife crisis, motivation, getting laid off, self-improvement, time management, reinvention)

MIDLIFE CRISIS: Keep it Together After Being Laid Off in Midlife

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You never really quite understand the impact and implications of being laid off until it happens to you. The disruption in your routine. The loss of identity. The financial toll. The waning of self-discipline. All of these can combine to make finding yourself jobless an unsettling and disruptive time in your life. On the other hand, if you use this time wisely and chart your own course, it can be a transformative time as well. That’s where this book comes in.

MIDLIFE CRISIS: Keep it Together After Being Laid Off in Midlife

is the result of the author’s own trial and error when faced with this very dilemma, mixed in with a bit of research along the way. Steering clear of being overly clinical, Keeping it Together provides actionable direction for those who suddenly (or even not so suddenly) find themselves separated from their job and having to cope with all the implications – both the positive and the negative.

You’re about to get some valuable insight into making the most out of your downtime, so that your next career chapter will be a success, leaving you more fulfilled than before.

Here’s Some of What’s Covered…

  • How to get yourself into the right frame of mind to deal with this new phase in your life
  • Keys to maintaining organization and self-discipline for maximum productivity
  • Why, economics aside, this might not be a bad thing
  • Some goals to shoot for in your next phase
  • and much more!

While there are countless worthwhile titles out there that provide insight into searching for jobs, using recruiters, negotiating compensation and all the other parts of an actual job once it is OBTAINED, this book instead provides a framework, based on 6 Tips to help the reader focus regaining and/or maintaining equilibrium after being laid off – providing concrete suggestions on how to psychologically navigate the proverbial ship back onto its proper course, seek out and create a new chapter in one’s life and make that new chapter even better than what came before it.

Drawing on his personal experience and adding a little bit of psychological foundation, Steve Johnson lays out a general framework to deal with the most common fallout that occurs from finding oneself laid off and jobless – the sense of isolation, loss of identity, feelings of futility and other counterproductive emotions that have to be dealt with if one is to be productive.

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