The Creation Code: A theory about the true Code in the Bible

| July 11, 2016


The Creation Code: A theory about the true Code in the Bible

The practice of manipulating the Bible in a way that it is understood to say certain things that may not be made from its plain form stretches back to antiquity. The practice was however popularized in the late 90s by Michael Drosnin after he manipulated the Equidistant Letter Sequences discovered by the mathematicians Doron Witztum, Eliyahu Rips and Yoah Rosanberg to predict among other things the assassination of the then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. However, the thing with Drosnin’s idea of the code in the Bible is that it wasn’t capable to address the so many important issues that we now know to surround the Bible. One would certainly think the idea of the code in the Bible must be the one that must help us to settle the so many issues that have divided various Bible readers like questions about the nature of God, the moral issues raised by this book, the absurdities, the contradictions, the cruelty and so many other bizarre things which almost every honest Bible reader today agrees they make up the Christian Bible. Rather, it could only be used to make sensational claims like predictions of certain world phenomena, things like a comet that hit Jupiter, predictions about the end and similar news making stories which do not at all enrich and engage anyone educationally and intellectually. Surely, this shortcoming with Drosnin’s idea is partly what prompted this project. The aim of this project is simply to borrow the very basic idea that there are some codes in the Bible to explain the presence of the parts of this book which have been viewed as problematical when treated strictly literally. If the Bible is problematical when read strictly literally then it might be because it was not intended to be read plainly at the first place. So what we see here is that contrary to the skeptical outlook that currently surrounds this text, the Christian Bible can still be positively approached by any rationalistic and intelligent reader under the assumption that there is actually a theory of the code in the Bible buried deeply within these contradictory and problematical parts that we find in the Christian Bible when we read it strictly plainly. Surely, some part of this project is to introduce this new theory of the code in the Bible. However, because I have researched this concept in tandem with the theme of creation in the Christian Bible, this project therefore is also about the creation story. What does this story really teach? Is it a text that we must read strictly plainly?


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