Life After War: Books 1-3

| July 21, 2017


Sworn to Save Humanity

We are wayward descendants who were abandoned on earth with only a single hope of redemption—we have to be good. You have no idea how hard that is for us. We’re only supposed to protect the humans on this planet, but we can’t always resist the temptation to help them too much, to love them too deeply. I can’t tell you the trouble it has caused…but I can show you.

See the battle happening here? That’s between good and evil, horror and faith. The knights in the center are descendants. That blue light is all the hope that remains in the world. If they die, the light goes out and everything falls. Notice the dark spell that lies over the land? It came from the greed in men’s hearts, but it can be cured if enough descendants can resist corruption.

The Catch

Most of us don’t know our destiny. When evil destroyed all societies around the world, we were called together for an epic battle to determine the future of the human race, but the duty proved to be more than we could handle alone. It forced us to accept our darker half. Now, in our quest to save the world, we may have guaranteed its final destruction.

My role in all of this is something you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Some days, I still can’t believe it. I spent the first part of my life thinking I was the only one. Then chaos came to the planet and I discovered hundreds of others like me. But not all of them were good. Some were as dark as they could be. These evil demons caused the end of the world intentionally. You see, they want us to call the maker back to the planet. They want to go home, but if the Creator comes here, everyone will die. Nothing has changed in the eons since He left us here. His disappointment will wipe Earth from the stars and leave not a single trace. So we battle each other to keep God from returning and we try to teach the mortals kindness and compassion. Those are hard lessons for the humans to accept after watching us kill each other in the name of a deity we don’t remember loving or serving. It becomes even harder when the demons tempt us. It would be so easy to simply overpower the remaining humans and take control…of everything. There’s still no guarantee that won’t happen.

This file includes

Books 1-3 in the LAW series
Deleted Scenes
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Life After War (LAW) is an epic fantasy series that will take you from the White House and through a treacherous, broken land in desperate need of heroes.  This story is not for younger readers. It is graphic depiction of humanity in all its forms. As I’m sure you know, some of those forms are quite ugly. Please be prepared for that.

Title: LAW

Edition: 1st, 2017

Length: 2644 pages

Author: ©Angela White

Publisher: C9 Publications


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