Holocaust: A Jewish Survivor Testimony

| July 12, 2016


Holocaust: A Jewish Survivor Testimony: The Truth of What Happened in Germany of World War 2 - 3rd Edition (WW2, World War 2)

A Survival Story from the Holocaust – The Story of a Jewish Survivor

3rd Edition

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This is a story told from the heart of a Jewish Survivor of the Holocaust

In Holocaust – A Jewish Survivor Testimony, you’ll meet Regina, a Polish woman who lived through the Holocaust during World War 2. She was only a young girl of 22 at the time that she was captured by German soldiers, and the events of her life since then, provide a picture of what it was like to experience the horror of the Holocaust first hand. You will find out about: –

• What is was like to Run for your Life

• Living in the Ghetto in Poland

• Experiencing a Concentration Camp

• Being an unwilling subject for Medical Experiments

• How she Survived in the Death Camp

• The Chance of Life after the Holocaust

The Holocaust forever affected the Jewish community. It tore apart families and caused immense suffering and pain. In this book, you will find out about what it was like to experience torture every day, being part of a death march, living in a concentration camp and being captured.

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This book celebrates the memories of Regina, bringing to life the horrors of the holocaust. This is so that there can be remembrance, and for the voices of the Jewish to be heard. It is also an account celebrating hope, and how this can change life.

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