A Poisoned Land

| July 15, 2016


A Poisoned Land (Book 1: Dark Lies): Coming of age epic fantasy and science fiction series

“This one is for fans of Game of Thrones and the books of Joe Abercrombie.” – XpoNorth

“Daring, gritty and honest.”
– C. Podhola

* * * * *

Faith can shield a harsh truth. But a shield can easily become a cage.

Nearly a thousand years after the catastrophic Great Poison and the destruction of Nahar, the magisters speak of a new looming threat to the Known World.

After the loss of his father, a boy of sixteen now sits upon the desert-throne of Last Kingdom. Queen Londenia tries to guide the juvenile King Romarus in a dark journey with what seems little light at its end. They must survive massacre, bondage and the land itself–while contending with their own improper desires.

To the north, on the Mother’s Island, the pious Owin, one of the young brothers, devoutly follows the old Mister’s teachings. Disobedience means facing the unending suffering of the abyss, but a life of serving the Mother leads to eternal carnal-ecstasy with the lost goddesses. Well, that’s what the Mister says anyway…

* * * * * 

‘A Poisoned Land’ is a coming of age epic fantasy series with action, sex and mystery. It’s set in the world of Sartensa–vast lands torn by conflicting morals, each with their own histories and cultures. The story is told through multiple points of view, giving the reader various perspectives as the plot unfolds through the eyes of gritty characters, including flawed heroes and uncertain enemies. ‘A Poisoned Land’ is dark and fast-paced with realism and depth that will immerse you and keep you hooked to the very last page.

View the live action trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=TAXpZyyDkgI

* * * * * 

“A character driven epic dark fantasy that owes much to the modern “Grimdark” tradition, following multiple viewpoints as a conspiracy is uncovered in a world that is hiding its true nature from those who live there. The book is likely to appeal to fans of Game of Thrones and the books of Joe Abercrombie. There is a science fiction element, too, a mashing up of genres that occurs to the end of the book in the final revelations about the reality of the lands in question. This mixing of low fantasy and technology is what marks the book out from others within the genre.

As mentioned the initial appeal of the book is that it is within the fantasy genre and more specifically has much in common with the “Grimdark” tradition of realistic violence (and sex!) as well as moral ambiguities and so forth that typical high fantasy does not usually deal with. There is a nice twist in that elements of science fiction seem to creep in towards the end, offering a slightly unusual take on the genre, which is good to see.”


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