About Economy and Sustenance: Judaism, Society and Economics

| July 16, 2016


About Economy and Sustenance

The economic forces are among the strongest forces at play in humansociety. In every purchase, sale, commercial viewed and even in the reading of these lines lies an economic activity that shapes the face of society.

There are many ways to manage and examine the economy, and although their implementation requires scientists, essentially these are ethical

decisions on cultural, social and spiritual dilemmas.

This book aims to discover the contribution of the Jewish cultural world to economic thought and to understanding the structure of society. A Jewishly

rooted viewpoint will allow us to provide new answers for the most basic questions that shape economic activity and from it, society in general: what is property? What is efficiency? What is trade? How do human beings make economic decisions, and how do these concepts dictate the relations

between man and material, man and man, and man and God?

The book ‘About Economy and Sustenance’ is an anthology of articles

written by different authors, the majority of whom are leaders in their fields,

attempting to face the various questions and dilemmas that arise out of the

meeting between Judaism and reality, and vice versa. Its goal is


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