Help! I’m a Skeleton! (Minecraft Fun Fan Series: Book 1)

| July 16, 2016


Minecraft: Fun Fan Series: Book 1 - Help! I'm a Skeleton! [Minecraft Books]

This brand new adventure in the Minecraft universe follows Steve, the bravest boy in Stonegate Village (at least, that’s what he thinks). In order to prove his bravery to his friends, Steve agrees to spend a night outside the village walls.

A decision he soon comes to regret when he finds himself confronted with creepers and zombies (not to mention Matthew, the most annoying boy in the village)! The worst is yet to come for Steve: an unlucky encounter with a warty witch turns him into a skeleton!

Steve now faces the greatest challenge of his life. He must find his way back to the village, discover why an army of monsters has started to assemble…and figure out what it is exactly that skeletons eat.

It’s going to be a looong night.


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