To Everything A Season

| July 19, 2016


To Everything A Season

One June night, on a dark country road, two worlds—one of privilege and wealth, one modest and Plain—collide, and tragedy forces two families together, ultimately leading both to question the lives they lead.

Taylor Loden, heir-apparent to her father’s media empire, has never examined her breakneck work pace or her empty life until her world becomes entwined with the Old Order Amish Yoder family of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Taylor has zero desire to muck a barn or strip tobacco, yet feels compelled, for reasons she’s not prone to analyze, to temporarily trade her technology-fueled business life in Philadelphia for country life without electricity on the Yoder farm. While she struggles to adapt to Amish life, she bonds with the family, especially with two of the Yoder siblings: Jacob and Becca.

Jacob, the eldest son, refuses to baptize and join the church, and according to his frustrated father, lacks direction. He not only faces a grave physical challenge resulting from his actions that June night, but also harbors a secret that threatens to upend his family and community.

Becca is 16, just entering her rumspringa, and free to explore the modern world. When Taylor returns to her Philadelphia penthouse, Becca accompanies her for the summer and for the first time is exposed to city life—its museums, music, restaurants, fashion, even religious faiths different from her own.

Taylor mentors Becca’s city fling and helps Jacob conceal his secret, actions that jeopardize her relationship with the Yoder family and her father. Ultimately, all three must answer for themselves: Are we more than what we do for a living or where we’re born? And if so, what price, if any, is too steep to walk away from family expectations?


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