Preksha Meditation 7 Steps for Beginners and Advanced

| July 22, 2016


Preksha Meditation 7 Steps for Beginners and Advanced: Deepening into the Kayotsarga Practice Relaxation (Book One 1)

Preksha Meditation is the combination of knowledge gleaned from old Jain books, science and our experience. Preksha meditation is the practice of purifying your emotions, self-awareness and understanding yourself. Preksha Meditation – is a technique for changing attitudes, habits, behavior and integrated development of personality. The book tells a brief history of the practice, basic initial techniques of the first stages of meditation. The book has got graphic illustrations.

In this book you will learn much about the 7 stages of Preksha meditation and about its basis Kayotsarga – the practice of conscious relaxation, deep immersion in the Clear Light. This is a unique technique of relaxation and a way of relieving physical, emotional, mental tension, stress, chronic fatigue syndrome. It helps in the treatment of any psychosomatic disease. During the practice, you eventually will be able to learn the conscious separation of soul and body, for the improvement and cleansing of yourself as a person. Kayotsarga leads to a happy, healthy and peaceful life.


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