Sleeping Beauties: Help your Baby Sleep Soundly and Happily

| July 21, 2016


Sleeping Beauties: Help Your Baby Sleep Soundly and Happily

Help your baby sleep soundly and happily with this easy to follow guide, containing:

A concise list of the most important key factors in helping your baby sleep well.

How much sleep babies actually need.

Simple and easy to adjust routines and ideas for ‘wind down time’.

Guidance on breastfeeding, bottle feeding and weaning to ensure your baby is

well fed to help her sleep better.

Ideas on how to get your baby happy in her cot.

How ‘tender loving care’ with your baby can help induce sound sleep, including skin to skin contact, baby massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and yoga.

Different methods of sleep training, from gentle to ‘cry it out’ methods, ways to wean your baby off night feeds and how to go from co-sleeping to cot.

Information on teething pain, colic and reflux and how best to deal with these. 

Iona believes that all babies are different and have different needs at different ages and stages of their lives. Therefore, from this book you can take what you need and find what suits you and your baby’s individual requirements the best.


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