Truce of Two Polars

| July 16, 2016


Truce of Two Polars

Normal is a term reserved for those who live the average life filled with simple ups and downs.

And that’s what Caine thinks he is.

He doesn’t have parents – his mother died at childbirth and his father’s death is a bit of a mystery – but Aunt Julia raised him fairly well, if a bit strictly. He goes to school, studies, and hangs out with his best friend. His friend’s name is Jared, and he’s a ghost. But Jared’s an exception to Caine’s ordinary life.

He was the only exception until Caine stumbled upon truths that turned his world upside down.

As a result, he finds himself in a ward questioning again what really happened that night his father died, and he begins to doubt the trustworthiness of those around him and his own mind.

Caine didn’t end up in there by accident.

He almost killed his aunt, and the thing is, he can’t remember anything.


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