It’s a Marketing Scheme!

| July 20, 2016


It's a Marketing Scheme!: Secret Scientifically-Proven Techniques Marketers Use on You

Today’s advertising isn’t as transparent as it was a couple years ago, now ads work by pulling the strings of our psyches in ways that are almost undetectable. That’s kind of scary… How are you supposed to combat something you can barely recognize or see?

That’s where “It’s a Marketing Scheme!” comes into play. Get ready to know the secret techniques marketers and advertisers would hate for you to find out, techniques used to persuade and manipulate you to buy, in a short and sweet, no ridiculous-jargon ebook.

Based on the latest scientific findings that have been meticulously analyzed, Ana Navarro weaves together an easy-to-read, witty book that reveals the secrets of why we buy from advertisers’ hands.

Taking on an evolutionary standpoint, and dabbing in other sciences such as psychology, sociology, neuromarketing, and economics, marketers leverage our inner desires and instincts to make us buy practically anything; from soaps, to trending clothing, cheap products, and even risky investments. After reading this book, you’ll be able to spot and avoid advertising boobytraps, losing money, and become a smarter shopper—basically; you won’t be so quick to fall for another marketing scheme.


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