Operation Phoenix: the largest Nazi plot

| July 20, 2016


Operation Phoenix: the largest Nazi plot (Pisolo Books)

November 2016: could Adolf Hitler’s son become the President of the United States of America?

From the fall of Berlin in 1945 to this day, a Nazi plot could change our future.

Why have seventy-year-old documents come to light from the archives of the Russian secret services? From the NKVD to the KGB to the current SVR, a common thread unites the investigations on Hitler’s biological son.

“Operation Phoenix is the Nazi attempt to seize power in the world’s most powerful nation and take revenge on history.”

“The Russian’s nightmare? Adolf Hitler’s son with a briefcase containing nuclear launch codes.”

From the tragic figure of Eva Braun to the evil that is Kaltenbrunner, from the adventurous Skorzeny to Lansky the mafioso, from the ambiguous Hanna Reitsch to the brilliant Markus Wolf: a crowd of extraordinary historical figures.


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