| June 8, 2013



Dean Nevins is a young, clean-living student with everything going his way. Loved by his family, hero to his peers, a highflyer at university, he seemingly has nothing but a prosperous future ahead of him. Yet his whole life collapses when his childhood sweetheart, and the only love of his life, suddenly leaves him for another man.

Unable to cope with his heartbreak, he withdraws, dropping out of his studies, and drifting into the murky world of petty crime. His only consolation comes in the form of his five lifelong, eccentric student buddies, who loyally rally to his side, yearning in parallel for an opportunity to turn their fortunes around. But when the group’s newfound rebellious ways result in tragedy, the six find themselves as hunted fugitives of the law. Trapped in the rough city of Portsmouth and with nowhere for them to hide, the desperate young scholars turn to the Grand Knock Hotel, a violent establishment run by the criminal underworld and filled with the city’s worst hooligan bodies, where they attempt to survive the night in the hope that the building’s vicious reputation will mask them from the police.

But as the hazardous night plays out, the six friends start to learn more about one another’s past, unearthing dark secrets which intimate that the strong bond between them may not be as genuine as they always thought. And as trust quickly dissolves into suspicion, Dean realises that his greatest threat comes not from the hotel’s wicked inhabitants but rather the very allies that surround him, until eventually their shared peril becomes less a matter of getting caught but rather who, if anyone, will make it to morning alive.

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