Get Wise: 30 Days of practical wisdom.

| July 24, 2016


Get Wise: 30 Days of practical wisdom. Timeless wisdom to be more decisive & optimize emotional intelligence for success in the modern world (practical success principles & success strategies)


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“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your decisions”

Being decisive IS a skill we all have.

A skill we can all sharpen through acquiring the often forgotten form of knowledge known as WISDOM.

“Get wise” is a collection of 30 thought transforming, mind expanding wisdom lessons each told in story form.

Each story teaches a powerful, deep and memorable lesson that inspires us to improve and make better decisions in modern life.

Get Wise directly sharpens decision making skills through:

  • Lessons to reignite the passion for self improvement.
  • Lessons to inspire and remind you to break bad habits.
  • Lessons to inspire and remind you to take control
  • Lessons to spark gratitude.
  • Lessons to manage and improve relationships.
  • Lessons to remind us to be non-judgemental
  • Lessons to motivate us to get outside our comfort zone
  • Lessons to encourage us to be courageous.

Not only do these lessons improve decision making ability, they also improve emotional intelligence, teach timeless success principles and much much more

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