The Killer Guide To Crossfit: Get Ready To Take Your Fitness To The Next Level (Crossfit Workouts)

| June 8, 2013


The Killer Guide To Crossfit: Get Ready To Take Your Fitness To The Next Level (Crossfit Workouts)

Tired of workout routines that don’t produce results?
Feeling overwhelmed by so many different diet ‘rules’ that don’t ever work?
We have your solution.

The key to fitness and fat loss success is adopting age-old strategies that produce results time and time again. If we take a trip back to ancient years, we find humans that were physically fit and strong, lean and muscular, and that weren’t feeling nearly as confused over ‘health’ information like we are today.

Your mission? Go back to this era! Try Crossfit!

In The Killer Guide To Crossfit: Get Ready To Take Your Fitness To The Next Level, we give you everything you need to know about creating the most effective workout to hit the nation to date. This workout variety is catching on rapidly as more and more people are coming to see just how successful it is.

Hours of cardio?
Not a chance.
Five days a week in the gym?
Not needed again.
Crash dieting?
Run – far away from any approach like that.

Here are some of the main points that you’ll discover:

    • Which Crossfit exercises will produce the fastest results in the gym with minimal time commitment on your part


  • Which rep ranges will allow you to easily gain muscle strength and size



  • How to structure and design a Crossfit workout program that’s short on time, but high on results



  • The biggest workout mistakes that you might be making that are keeping you from your goals



  • Why spending too much time in the gym is actually going to hinder the results that you see



  • How to advance your workouts as you progress along with the program so that you never hit that dreaded training plateau



  • How to adjust and adapt a Crossfit training program based on whether you are male or female



  • How to figure out the precise number of calories you should be eating each day to naturally burn fat, recover from your workout sessions, and still maintain a high level of health



  • The most important nutrient you must consume if you want to burn fat and build muscle



  • Why cutting carbohydrates from your diet plan can actually HINDER your progress



  • How to pick and choose the smartest carbohydrates for your diet to optimize your metabolic rate and physical performance



  • Why eating fat can actually accelerate fat loss results



  • Which foods rich in fat you should focus on to prevent weight gain



  • The one food that you can never eat enough of – the more you eat of this food, the faster your success will be!



  • How often to eat to keep your body burning up body fat at a maximum rate



  • What you should know about the meals before and after your workout session if you want to burn fat as rapidly as possible



  • Which supplements will help you come closer to reaching your end goals – never waste your hard-earned cash on a supplement that doesn’t deliver again!



  • Complete workout programs to follow so there is never any question about what to perform and when



  • Workouts tailored for those who want to get fit right in their own home so they don’t need any pricey gym memberships



After you’re finished reading this, you’ll have everything you need to get started immediately so that you can create a healthier and leaner tomorrow.


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