Getting Ugly

| June 8, 2013


Getting Ugly

A young FBI star (Leon) is sent to hunt down a most dangerous man – a terrifying legend hated and feared by both the law and the criminal underworld alike. A man called Big Ugly.

Leon and Big Ugly engage in an epic struggle, but unlike the poor souls before him, Leon lives…barely. Big Ugly disappears like a ghost leaving Leon a broken man with only a scrambled head full of bad memories.

Years later, a degenerate criminal stumbles upon Big Ugly’s hidden compound. A raving band of nasty individuals are assembled. Leon gets the call to go undercover and join this team of psychopaths to ensure Big Ugly is brought to justice…but nothing is what it seems.

A breakneck pulp action thriller, GETTING UGLY will twist your head like a pretzel leaving you struggling to guess what happens next, but so much fun you won’t want it to end.

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