Brandi: In Pursuit

| July 22, 2016


Brandi: In Pursuit (B. O. S. S. Lady Book 1)

Independent hunter of tough guys, bad girls, spies, underworld creeps, and miscellaneous dastardly-deeders, Miss Brandi Wein was immediately attracted to the newspaper ad, especially the last four words.

“Wanted: multi-talented self-reliant female looking for a position that offers travel, adventure, danger, and an unlimited budget.”

The pay wasn’t bad either: fifty thousand dollars. For a week’s work. All she has to do is stop four wacky misfits—who call themselves “God’s Militia”—from blowing up the United Nations Building in New York City. But first she’ll have to find them.

Piece of cake for a woman like Brandi who has completed numerous undercover and unofficial assignments for agencies such as the CIA, DEA, FBI, and DHS. This time, however, Brandi will be working for a private agency that calls itself B.O.S.S. It is an agency so private that even its day-to-day manager, Colonel Justin J. Western, has never met its owner and sole benefactor. All Western knows is that she is a very reclusive, very patriotic billionaire who has dedicated her life—and her enormous fortune—to “making the world safe for democracy.”

Brandi is further intrigued when she finds out who the four misfits are. Tex Stoner, mama’s boy, body builder, and former Mr. Inter-Mountain Atlas. Bobby Flinders, Tex’s go-fer and yes-man who dreams of flying like a kite. Munitions expert Waylon Husky who was thrown out of the army for trying to blow up his commanding officer’s car, with his CO in it. And Tex’s mama, Carol Stoner, who is also the leader and the official den mother of God’s Militia.

In a pursuit that takes Brandi from New York City, to Salt Lake City, to Atlanta, to Hallysville, Maryland, and back to New York City again, she runs into a series of obstacles that include a dust storm that threatens to flip her car, a Rolex-wearing rancher who has a state-wide reputation, an old high school flame who still carries a torch, a tow truck driver who worries about her eternal soul, and a dealer in C4 explosives who lives in a marble-encrusted, million dollar, high-rise condo.

Through it all, Brandi demonstrates that she is one fedora-wearing chick who won’t take any s**t from any body. That includes wannabe rapists, snotty airport security screeners, horny truck drivers, or taciturn Native American cops.

After her cross-country chase, Brandi finally confronts what’s left of “God’s Militia” in one of New York City’s old family neighborhoods. Buses, doughnuts, cop cars, plucked chickens, ambulances and water jugs all get jumbled together as this fast-moving novel rushes to its hilarious and explosive climax.

If you like Stephanie Plum, you’ll love Brandi Wein!


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